Review: Good Smile Company 1/8th scale Hatsune Miku LOVE IS WAR ver. DX

Finally it’s time to let this beauty see the world!


Lots of instructions in Japanese which we all can’t read!😀



It took us awhile to take the clam shell boxes apart as GSC had kindly attached the plastic shells with metal wires that are hard to remove.


There she is!




Base of the figure was easily secured and same for the railings too. Nice details on the platform!





Speaker tower went on fast as well, no hassle here.


Here comes the “star(s)” of the stage! The side speakers!! They were huge and almost usable for cosplay. The details, colors and paint finishes are perfect. Totally worth the extra money spent for the DX Ver.




And here it is! The Love is War stage for Miku is set and already looking awesome by itself!


The small megaphone for Miku to scream into was made with a smooth finish unlike the rest of the speakers.



Time to fix Miku next! Random pantsu shot for the fanboys.


Did not manage to take any photos during the process of fixing our superstar’s twin tails because IT WAS HORRIBLY HARD TO FIX. We actually took turns to fix and god knows how long we took to finally got them both in….imperfectly. But well, at least it can’t really be seen and we were too tired and horrified to try again. Kinda cracked her squarish headphones too…  fortunately, it’s not visible as well!

Finally the last part ! The  wire for the megaphone.


In our best efforts to try and mimic whatever was shown on the box.


Ta Dah! She is done and gorgeous!

Although it was exhausting fixing the hair parts, all was worth while at the end of the day. This PVC is absolutely incomplete without the two huge speakers at the side so if you are considering getting one, just spend it on the DX and there will be no regrets. GSC did an awesome job on the details and paintings this time round, and the texture of the platform feels just like how you see it in the photos, giving it its metallic touch.

As usual, it is always a pain trying to fix in joints especially with GSC figures. The hair part of this figure was so delicate and impossible to fix perfectly. You would require the right amount of strength and hold her at a good position in order to get them at least 1/2 way in. Be extra careful with her headphones, specifically the square rings, if not it would break just like ours did.😦

Overall, this figure is a must have for die-hard Miku fans and credits to GSC for making it a dream come true!

Rating: 4/5

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