WonFes 2013 goodies!

WF Winter 2013
It’s less than 3 weeks to Wonder Festival 2013, and Good Smile Company has announced a slew of new releases that would be sold on-site (in very limit quantities!) and/or available for preorders during the 1-day event.

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls series is getting a lot of love this time round!


First up we have figma Rin Shibuya in her school uniform. That would be her outfit for the normal card. Rin in that black lolita dress on the S RARE+ card ought to be made into a scaled figure someday!


Then there’s the Petite set that comes with Anzu Futaba, Kaede Takagaki and Rika Jougasaki, alongside a live stage backdrop to pose them. If only the stage lights could be lit up…


Next in line would be figma Anzu Futaba. This lazy teenage NEET is seen in her signature “You lose if you work” T-shirt and giant rabbit doll. Her fatigued expression is rather comical, and so is that sleeping face! This version of Anzu appears on her basic RARE card. Again, her S RARE and S RARE+ cards would have much better outfits…


The final piece is Dekacchu Kirari Moroboshi by Phat! Company, and it’s designated as Dekacchu for quadrupling the size of the Minicchu series. That :3 expression just gotten magified!


Alright, enough of iDOLM@STER! Next up, we have figma Glenfire from the Ultraman Zero movie. This is the 12th one in the Tomokazu Seki series, the previous one being Izenborg from Dinosaur War Aizenborg which was released at WonFes Winter 2012.


Here is figma Egashira 2:50 White Tights ver., baring a striking resemblance to that foul-mouthed comedian who is well-known for his crazy antics on live radio shows. Not kidding here, watch this borderline NSFW youtube video and you’ll get the idea…. This figma is only available as a pre-order, and would only be released alongside the Black Tights ver. this coming June.


1/8th scale Homura Akemi: you are not alone ver. is very much a rehash of the March 2012 release, now augmented with interchangeable parts like her hair, spectacles, facial expression and that golf club. Late collectors should aim for this release, while fans with the original version would mull over whether to get this 2nd piece.


Then, we have the lovely Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. that has left fans raging since her initial announcement back last December! That hairstyle and outfit is unlike all the other previous contemporary designs, which would make this release highly sought after by Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid-themed collectors (that invariably includes me!).


Last but not least, we have GRUNTS and Square Mk.2 paired up as WWR Hara Patrol here by Hong-Kong based, threeA. This release is part of the exclusive line of 1/6th scale models that feature characters from the graphic novel World War Robot by Ashley Wood and TP Louise. Past releases include WWR JDF HAROLD and Ma.K. KRÖTE. I have only seen a few of them once at one of the hobby stores in China Square Central. There are really few words to describe the level of detail and workmanship of these models. It’s just absolutely phenomenal that they have been reproduced from the original artwork with such accuracy. The price tag would, of course, be rather ‘phenomenal’ too…

That’s all the new products that Good Smile Company has announced so far, and it’s already exciting enough! Do keep a look out for more good news about Wonfes Winter 2013.🙂

Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 17 Official Website

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