Review: RIO:Bone -Shaman King: Yoh Asakura & Koubaku Style O.S. Byakkou

Received my RIO:Bone – Shama King: Yoh Asakura & Byakkou figure a few weeks back and boy was I glad I ordered it.


Having been a fan of Shaman King for the longest time, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to find out that someone FINALLY decided to make figures for this franchise.

With many speculations about the remake of the Shaman King anime as well as the start of Shaman King FLOWER last year, why not throw in an action figure as well to make the fans crazier? Many thanks to Sentinel for picking up the project and delighting us fans who have been waiting faithfully for the series!




Asakura Yoh it has been a long time! Looking good here.


I never had any experience with Sentinel figures before and I was highly sceptical about the quality of their “figma” like series but the moment I saw this I was impressed.


A removable piece to close up the stand joint hole!? Sentinel you just gained 5 points from me straight! It might be redundant but to put in such effort for the details is indeed praise-worthy. I am glad it was Sentinel who picked up the project. Now I can cover up that ugly stand joint hole when I don’t need to fix Yoh to a stand.


My favourite face part is of course smiley Yoh❤


Not forgetting Amidamaru our dearest gurdian!







And our dear Yoh is ready for some shots!🙂


Amidamaru wants to join in the fun too!



I am also glad that unlike the Figma series, RIO:Bone joints are much more flexible and I could easily get Yoh to sit down.



This figure is just too awesome for words. I may be a fan but I was not expecting anything like this at all, the quality of the figure was good, excellent should I say instead. The paint jobs were flawless, the joints are very easy to adjust and even the fixing of the stand to the figure was a breeze (Unlike the countless of battles I have had with Figma and their annoying stands). I am very satisfied with our dear Asakura Yoh here and would highly recommend all Shaman King fans to get one if you can. Hey, it’s the only figure of Yoh after so many gazillion years how can you resist? I couldn’t even think twice!

The only rant I have was that they should have provided one more stand/made another hole so that both Yoh and Amidamaru can be displayed together with Yoh STANDING instead. Also, it was hard pushing Amidamaru into the stand and I eventually gave up after a few times.

Currently, the release of RIO:Bone Asakura Hao and Kyoyama Anna is still unannounced although the non-painted prototypes were already show-cased in WonderFest last year. Hopefully we will get to see the coloured ones with confirmed release dates by the upcoming Winter Wonderfest 2013 in a few days time!


Rating: 4/5

One thought on “Review: RIO:Bone -Shaman King: Yoh Asakura & Koubaku Style O.S. Byakkou

  1. ………………………….It, it totally captures Yoh. It’s AWESOME!!!!! Aw, I should totally find one, I love Shaman King. ^_^

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