Review: Max Factory Figma Araragi Tsukihi

Just received the Araragi sisters a few months back and finally decided to start with our dear Tsukihi first before Karen.


Nisemonogatari was definitely a different experience from it’s predecessors’ and although there were quite a fair bit of awkward scenes among the siblings, I can’t help but developed a liking for these two crazy girls (and their brother too).



Love her yukata! Even though it seems to be more prim and proper compared to the anime.😉


She comes with extra feet parts, a knife, a pot lid and,


a chisel (I think?).


Tsukihi chan also comes with an additional hairstyle and 2 other facial expressions.



We definitely had a lot of fun posing her around and taking random shots and I cannot wait to set Karen and her brother together to create other scenes! Max factory did a great job of the series and personally, I feel that the quality of figma has been improving progressively. Tsukihi was easy to fix and her joints were smooth and easy to pose while the details and paint job was pretty perfect. Let’s hope that Shinobu will be released soon and I will have my complete monogatari set! unless…

rating: 4/5

P.S. I will be off to Japan for Winter Wonderfest and hopefully the wi-fi will get going and let the team update you peeps with photos and stuff that I will be taking during the event. This also means that our dear Karen will have to wait till I am back. Till then!🙂

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