Winter Wonder Festival 2013 – Upcoming Figures! Ques Q

Wonder Festival, any figurine collectors will tell you it’s one of the most anticipated event for them. We lovingly called it wonfest for short. With wonfest around the corner, we all couldn’t help but feel the excitement for all the wonderful goodies that are going to be shown at the event grounds. Wonfest is almost like Santa to me, holding up a big fat present for me to unwrap on Christmas to see what goodies are there inside. The only exception is, of course, if there’s anything that I wish to own, I have to show Santa the money.

This year we have one of our authors, melbatoast, attending the event! We apologise for the bad pictures taken. She’s struggling with the crowd and she’s merely using her phone’s camera to try to snap away. Maybe she will upload better pictures tonight when she reaches her hotel.

Ques Q

1/8 scale Flandre Scarlet
Series: Touhou Project

1/8 scale Saigyouji Yuyuko
Series: Touhou Project

Aisaka Taiga Bunny Girl ver.
Series: Toradora!
This has also been labelled as a Wonder Festival (Winter) 2013 Limited Edition, which sets this release apart from the purple and red versions.

Alice Margatroid DXtype -event special extra chara ver.-
Series: Touhou Project

Senjougahara Hitagi & Hachikuji Mayoi -Ueda Hajime ver.-
Series: Bakemonogatari

1/7 scale Aisaka Taiga swimsuit ver.
Series: Toradora!

1/8 scale Kazami Yuuka
Series: Touhou Project

1/8 scale Yakumo Yukari Limited Color ver.
Series: Touhou Project

Remilia Scarlet & Flandre Scarlet -Halloween ver.-
Series: Touhou Project

An uncolored compatible-part that could be swapped with the accompanying scaled figure. This one looks like Flandre Scarlet, but I could be wrong…

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