Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver.

When the winning design for Snow Miku 2013 was picked during a live NicoNico broadcast in mid-2012, it captured the hearts of many figure collectors and fans worldwide. That eventually led to the first official shots being revealed in December, followed by limited sales at the Winter Wonder Festival back in February. While the rest of the world would have to wait for the international release this coming June, we have been fortunate enough to acquire a set from the batch that was domestically released in Japan. Lo and behold, our review of Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver.!


Let’s start off with a round of shots on the exquisite packaging of Snow Miku 2013. Box dimensions are almost the same as those for Snow Miku Fuwafuwa Coat ver., however the box comes completely sealed and without a usual window to view the inner contents.

Sides and bottom area come adorned with Snow Miku in different poses.






As you may observe in the last picture, the box is actually sealed with this paper belt that has to be detached first before accessing the contents of it. Thus the box-top artwork actually looks like this:


Time to check out the goodies inside!



All the parts are packed together in 2 separate tray layers, similar arrangement as other nendoroid packages that contain lots of optional parts. Now let’s move on to see how Snow Miku looks like in her various poses!

Her kimono is predominantly white with snowflake motifs, and also showing an inner layer that is of a vibrant red shade. Hood is pure white though, fix ornaments affixed to both sides and a single blade of leaf at the top. She looks just like a strawberry covered in winter snow!



Here, Snow Miku holds up her oil-paper umbrella (also known as wagasa (和傘), literally Japanese umbrella), a pose that is possible by swapping out her arms to another set that allows holding the umbrella’s bamboo stem.


The white hood can be removed to reveal much more details of Snow Miku’s hairstyle. In fact, she is the 2nd release, after nendoroid Miku Yukata ver., to spot a non-twintails design among all other variants of Hatsune Miku. Her hair is braided and curled up at both sides, almost the same as the hairstyle of Princess Leia in Star Wars!



A close look reveals that the long sideburns and unbraided lengths of hair spot a color gradient that changes from the default light teal to white at the ends. At this point, I need to highlight that the long sideburns tend to come into contact against her arms during posing, and collectors need to be careful here as the sideburns are static fixtures that may possibly snap off if too much pressure is applied on them. The 2 lengths of hair at the rear still can pivot to a limited extent.


Her optional twintails can be swapped in for that default Hatsune Miku outlook, and they spot a color gradient too alongside snowflake motifs at the lower half of each tail. Shown here is also Snow Miku’s 2nd expression, which is a slightly more pronounced smile than the 1st one.



Here, we have Snow Miku’s 3rd expression, which is one of tearful joy as she holds up a ceremonial cup (sakazuki (盃), one of the three kinds of cups for serving sake) in both hands.


Snow Miku also has an alternate sitting position, and as seen here, she can be posed in this traditional circular tray alongside other items such as the toothpick and that cute little snow-bunny!





In closing, Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. is definitely one of the most beautiful nendoroid variants for Hatsune Miku till date! Her kimono outfit, braided hair-buns and the other optional parts that come along with this package, all contribute to the oriental theme of this release that makes it stands out from the rest. Now that the initial sales in February is over, collectors who have pre-ordered Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. can look forward to her eventual arrival this coming June.

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