Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Aoko Aozaki

Here we have Aoko Aozaki, who first appeared as the protagonist of Type-Moon visual novel, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. In that story, Aoko takes up residence in an old mansion in order to learn sorcery from the mansion’s owner, Alice Kuonji.





Optional parts include…


… that all too familiar classroom base. >.<

Nendoroid Aoko's outfit is the casual red dress with dark undershirt, as well as her boots, which is a really good match with her long brown hair. Aoko's smile is just so delightful!


The support-stand is elongated at the connecting end, in order to reach under Aoko’s long hair.



Apart from that cheerful look, we also have another expression that shows the serious side of Aoko. In this pose, she spots an authoritative, no-nonsense demeanor, with arms crossed and seemingly engaged in a shouting match!


Aoko also comes with a frantic expression, as she hastily adopts a spell-casting pose to tackle an enemy.


The other optional parts are quite interesting, as we can construct the scene where the ground craters around Aoko as she engages her magic circuits to pull some epic moves here.



To be frank, Nendoroid Aoko may be a little plain when compared to many other nendoroids, but she makes up for it in her elegance.



Hopefully there would be more Type-Moon characters that are picked up for future releases. In fact, Alice Kuonji would be available within this year, hence fans could create scenes with Aoko and Alice together. In fact, if I may extrapolate a little further, Aoko does look really great in her school uniform outfit too, so I would not be surpised if we have another nendoroid form of Aoko in the near future.

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