Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo – Ep 7

mpc-hc 2013-03-05 03-39-13-86
“Hmm.. I would have not have think of Asuka as a 15 year old.”

Seems like something complicated is about to start! The No-Names have been asked to help out with a potential Demon King threat that will appear during the festival of crowning Sandra as the next head. And while Asuka is taking a walk with her new found friend, she came under attacked by a swarm of rats that is immune to her gift? Leticia came in time to save her in her True Vampire form and brought her back to the inn where its bath could heal wounds. After Shiroyasha’s and Izayoi’s extremely detailed sexual harassment, Shiroyasha begins to inform them of the details behind the battles the next day, only to have light shed on the community – Rattenfanger. Sounds like events befitting a festival is about to begin!

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