Review: Good Smile Company Haramura Nodoka

Haramura Nodoka comes from the anime series “Saki.” She is also affectionately known as “Nodocchi” and was admired frequently for her *ahem* full figure. Though I do enjoy playing a game of Mahjong anytime, I’m not really a fan of the anime series. I wonder why do they release Nodoka first when Saki is the lead character for the title.

DSC_7757I love how they showed Mahjong tiles on the boxes. Like I mentioned I do enjoy a game of Mahjong anytime!



She comes with her beloved Etopen. Well, she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it anyway. You can see how well-endowed she is too.


You can also make Nodoka carry Etopen! DSC_7780

All ready for regional match!


Nodocchi Mode enabled. Though she comes with a chair, I wished the Mahjong table was included as well. We could have made a scene where Nodoka was playing with other Nendoroids.  Her default tie can be removed so that you can replace the tie with the one with Etopen. No matches are right without the penguin.

Why does the tile have to be 2 bamboos😦 I would rather it be a nicer card.

She comes with a considerably amount of accessories but they are not fun without the other characters from the same series. Lets hope they make Saki next.

On a side note, Happy April Fools everyone! Hopefully you get prank or trolled, and laugh like you never did before!

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