Kotoura-san – Ep 7

mpc-hc 2013-03-30 13-48-16-90
“Manabe-kun, you pervert!”

Summer vacation – part 2! Things started comically as the mixed bath Hot Springs was closed due to repairs. After heading back, Kotoura and Moritani prepared dinner, only for Moritani’s dish to be able to get someone drunk!? Chaos ensues as Kotoura tries to get them to stop their perverted acts while drunk, only to somehow have Manabe sleep naked in between both her and a naked Moritani! Then, its time to head back as Moritani had not finished her homework. Manabe avoided any contact with Kotoura as he was working part time to give Kotoura a surprise birthday party, which only makes Kotoura anxious to why he was not returning her phone calls. Will Manabe be able to pull it off without anyone knowing?

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