Review: Banpresto World Collection Figure -One Piece Film Z- Vol. 2

Chopper overload!


[Film Z] is the second One Piece movie that is written personally by Oda Sensei with the first being [STRONG WORLD] in 2009 and it is definitely a must watch for all One Piece fans! It is of no surprise that merchandises after merchandises were released along side with the movie and they have got to be the most colorful and funky releases of One Piece figures till date.

As a huge fan of One Piece, I could never resist the adorableness of our Tony Tony Chopper here and I immediately hit the Pre-Order button the moment I saw this collection!





Film Z Battle costume. Was rather annoyed that my sword was bent and it refuses to straighten up.



Chopper in casual clothes in Film Z.



Chopper in his five years old body during the Film Z movie using Brain Point. SO CUTTTTTTTTTEEEE❤



Chopper in Heavy Point.



Horn Point.



Walk Point.



Monster Point. Strange but I think this is really cute!



Last but not least, Guard Point in Film Z weapon style.

I am pretty satisfied and glad that this is my first WCF collection but well, it seems kind of normal and I wouldn’t say that it is the best Chopper series out in the market. Chopper’s face looks kinda weird in walk point and I took quite some time trying to fix all four legs onto the stand because the legs were too close together, got to be my least favorite one out of the set. Other than that, it is a cute set to have as a fan of Chopper.
It is uncertain whether Megahouse will pick up the rest of Chopper’s point for the P.O.P series (although Kungfu point is already out and phew am I not a fan of that point too.), but if they are going to make a Monster point that is as cute as the WCF Film Z collection I am definitely buying it!

Rating: 4/5

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