Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Kanna Tanigawa

Kanna Tanigawa, the poor girl who got rejected. I can totally feel her. Imagine having feelings for your childhood friend for so long and after confessing, you get rejected because your friend likes another girl whom he just met. It’s depressing. Anyway watch the anime if you hadn’t, the plot is similar to the anime, Onegai ☆ Teacher.



A very simple and plain Nendoroid. 

DSC_7825 DSC_7826

Let me drown my sorrows!

Nyan! DSC_7835Honestly speaking, I do not know where this kneeling/bowing pose is from.

I would love to take a pose with Ichika, who was released earlier, but Ichika is currently out of town. (Literally, because she’s with someone else.) Not like it matters I guess, I bet she will be happier if she’s with Kaito anyway.

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