Review: Kotobukiya Danboard Mini Plastic Model Kit ft. Revoltech Danboard Mini

Okay, I have to be frank. Even though I have 3 danboards with me, I have never watched Yotsuba before…not even one episode of it. But Danboard is just too photogenic for me to not have at least one!


Revoltech Danboard at Nabana no Sato during their winter illumination 2013 (Japan)

Well, after a while, I realized having one Danboard is just not enough! I must grab a mini one as well cause they look so much cuter and luckily for me, Kotobukiya decided to answer my prayers and released the plastic model kit Danboard mini. Yeah!


As a collector of PVC, Figma and Nendoroids, I have never ventured into the area of model kits and this is my first time fixing up my own figure!


Alright lets get started!!

IMG_2861_1 IMG_2860_1

So according to the guide sheet, fixing the legs will be the first step, which is after all the cutting and breaking of the parts.

Front body:

IMG_2863_1 IMG_2862_1

Back body: IMG_2865_1 IMG_2864_1

Whole body with legs!

IMG_2866_1 IMG_2867_1

Next up the head:


Relatively easy to fix, comes with two sets of eyes: Black and yellow.

Decided to have the yellow “light on” eyes.


IMG_2870_1 IMG_2871_1

Then it’s time to put them all together! (Extra ball joint)


Note that parts no. 1 & 2 are not required.



DONE! Well, not quite yet…


Gotta paint some details in.



There we go! Finally finished.🙂


A few months after the pre-order of Kotobukiya’s danboard, Revoltech announced the release of a set of Danboard minis with different logos/brandings on them. I resisted getting the whole set but in the end I bought one when I was in Japan because I am such a sucker for cute things.


Got this from Animate and I think the staff was trying to be funny with the price tag.



Yeah! My love for Calbee and cute mini danboard all in one.

Of course we got to compare between the two!


They are about the same size and well the only physical difference (if you exclude the calbee printings) would be the color. I prefer Revoltech’s color and texture which seems closer to a real cardboard as compared to Kotobukiya’s.


Both of them could do a normal walking pose but Revoltech’s will not be able to stand by itself without the base.


Flexibility contest is definitely won by Kotobukiya’s hands down. The legs are a lot more flexible as compared to Revoltech’s usual stiffness.

Even the arms can be bend inwards. Gotta make Kotobukiya’s hold some things next time!


“Bow down to your new master!” (That’s my revoltech regular sized Danboard. By the way, his name is Yoh.)

“I told you to bow down not do push ups!”

I had a fun time fixing the Danboard together and this will most likely not be my last plastic kit. Although Kotobukiya’s flexibility allows for more poses, the Danboard is hardly stable and I had to use a small box to prop him up when I want him to sit down (I cheated in some of the pictures if you hadn’t realized) or for some other random poses.

If we were to talk about cute-ness it has got to be Revoltech’s that got the upper hand. I really love the paint finish and the texture but it’s poses are just so limited. I am going to have a dilemma the next time I want to bring a Danboard out.


2 thoughts on “Review: Kotobukiya Danboard Mini Plastic Model Kit ft. Revoltech Danboard Mini

  1. Those are very cute. I have got the same as you do, Kotobukiya one. I heard you can paint it using the same colours to make it look like the one from Revoltech one. But as I’m not into model kits, I have no idea what paints do I have to buy. I read someone used the weather paints to give it the same dark edges. Maybe you would like to search for it and paints yours so your danbo doesn’t look that plastic and be able to cover the marks of the plastic joint. I might try with sand paper and if I find the paintings, give to my danbo a more cardboard look.🙂 Nice photos and article!

    • woo…weather paint? I have never heard of that XD!! Hahaha. Thanks for your suggestion! Guess I will have to go explore around that are… Frankly speaking I am quite afraid of handling paints and all because my crafting/painting skills are terrible!! DX But I would love to give it a try one day! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for visiting our humble blog~😀

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