Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya

Akiho Senomiya, the protagonist and heroine in 5pb’s visual novel, Robotics:Notes, in which she is the ambitious president of the school’s Robotics Club.





Optional parts include Akiho’s much beloved Tanegashi Machine 3!


Nendoroid Akiho comes in her default school uniform, complete with that light brown waist pouch as seen in the rear view. That cheerful expression reflects Akiho’s upbeat attitude too!



Another alternative pose which we often see in the anime series, as Akiho adjusts her red-rimmed spectacles in preparation of dishing out another witty quote.


This release has Tanegashi Machine 3 too, the robot that Akiho has painstakingly restored to its original glory!


While it is not to scale in this release (supposed to be at knee-height instead of reaching Akiho’s shoulder level!), the level of detail and articulation is sufficient for a model of this size. here’s a closer look at this robot:





Furthermore, for certain poses that Tanegashi Machine 3 is not able to execute, there’s still the petit-sized support stand to keep it upright. Here, we have Akiho commanding Tanegashi Machine 3 to go forth and meet the enemy in battle.


A few other optional parts allow Akiho to kneel down too, while holding on to the Poke-com, which I assume would be used to control Tanegashi Machine 3 (possible by using the program that was created by Frau Kojiro). “Your killer technique shall be the Tanegashi Accel Impact!”


Nendoroid Akiho can also be posed with arms akimbo as she smiles in a subtle manner.


An interesting release after all, and it would be made better with the upcoming Frau Kojiro, where we could recreate more scenes of both of them together.🙂

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