Kotoura-san – Ep 9

mpc-hc 2013-04-14 14-59-29-27
“There you have it. As promised, I’ll be with you forever, Kotoura.”

A criminal is on the loose and is targeting High school girls. Kotoura’s ability accidentally read the mind of the criminal and the gang becomes worried as the victims are from their school. The police comes to their school to investigate, but Kotoura could now co-operate as explaining a Psychic ability is not feasible, leading her classmates to thing she is heartless. Afraid of being alone, Kotoura ask Manabe to stay the night over at her place, but comedy ensues as Moritani got wind of it. Kotoura’s grandfather invites them out for dinner the next day and met up with Kotoura’s mom coincidentally. Will Kotoura be able to face her mom? And what about the criminal?

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