Review: Good Smile Company Nendoroid Lily from anim.o.v.e

We check out yet another release for the Vocaloid series, and this time we have Lily from anim.o.v.e!





Lily comes with a set of other parts as seen here.


A little more background on Lily here. She may be uber cool here, but she does not receive nearly as much love as the other characters, especially those in the first series. Lily is actually part of the VOCALOID2 library series, along side Gumi and Gackupo (well, there’s another character, Gachapin/Ryuto, but I’ll leave you to go look up on this unique one). Lily’s voice library is built from Yuri Masuda, the lead vocal of a Japanese band, m.o.v.e., which eventually resulted in the fictional band, anim.o.v.e. Yep, that’s it, now let’s move on with the review…

First impression is that Lily is really vibrant and cool pop-star!


Once again, there’s an extension on the support stand to reach from under her long hair.


Lily has got a set of headphones too, just like Miku and Luka. Design tends to be a little simple though, and with no microphone extension.


In the alternate expression here, Lily seems to be singing aloud in a really energetic manner!



Last but not least, there’s the Harii expression too that is alleged to be based off an early meme. Actually, I would have very much preferred if they released an alternate headband to give Lily a pair of black feelers and complete that ‘bee’ look, since that is actually one of the earlier meme designs. Still, this expression is cute enough for me to overlook that aspect.😛


Last but not least, the remaining optional parts allow you to re-create Lily’s pose, as seen on the box cover of Lily’s VOCALOID2 library package. (here it is!)


With Lily released, what could possibly be the next Vocaloid character that we can anticipate as a nendoroid? Well, time will tell, as we wait for the next surprise that Good Smile Company would eventually spring on us!

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