I have decided to start a new blog series on things that I have found interesting on the net or other places over the week! Thereforeeeeeeee, I will be in search of figures, anime-related merchandises and other random stuff that I find cool and exciting and I will share it with everyone here on figudesu!🙂

So let’s start with the first blogpost of Figures.Merchandises.ASDFGHJKL!  (yeah thats what F.M.A stands for!)😀

For this week, I came across some really awesome stuff!

Figures – 3A x VALVe Portal 2 Atlas & 3A x VALVe Portal 2 P-Body

The cake may be a lie but this is definitely not a lie!


threeA has sculpted both Atlas and P-Body figures for all the hardcore Portal(2) fans out there and the pictures are just stunning.

What caught my attention was the eye light! How cool is that!

Both figures can be pre-ordered on Good Smile Company’s Website till 7/3 9pm JST. They will be released together in December if there are no delays. My fingers are itching to press on the order button but I shall resist!! OTL

Merchandise – Danbo bags

Japanese brand Animation Addiction Store has open up pre-orders for these really cute Danbo bags as part of their “YOU’RE SUCH A NERD” series in collab with Yotsuba&!


There is a carton bag for fans to keep their Yotsuba&! manga in at 5250Yen.

A pouch for 2940Yen.

And my favourite a tote bag at 5250Yen too.

You can view more pictures on their website with their very lovely child model.

Preorders will end on 6/28 before 23:59 and will be released by the end of August (boohoo I won’t be in Japan by then).
As a fan of Danbo, I am super tempted by the tote bag but as usual, the site does not take international shipping so I figured that I should find a huge brown bag and make my own Danbo bag the next time.😀

ASDFGHJKL! – Fuji Tv Odaiba Gasshūkoku 2013

Summer is here once again and so is Fuji Tv’s Odaiba Gasshūkoku 2013!

Last year, they had a huge OnePiece “theme park” graced by a life-size Shirahoshi slide that was just unbelievable!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit Japan last year BUT THIS SUMMER I’LL BE THERE! o(>_<)o!!

This year, the event will bring us into the island of Punk Hazard and into Caesar’s Laboratory. Fans will get to experience the Biscuits Room in as well as a motion sensor battle with Caesar. Apparently, a life-size Trafalgar Law will be there for fans to take pictures with too!! *fangirls*

Baratie will also appear during the event as the restaurant this year! I have no idea how it will be like but I am hoping for a real Baratie ship anchored at the bay!

The event will be from 7/13 – 9/1 2013 and prices are at 1700Yen for adults and 1300Yen for elementary and junior high students at Odaiba. Limited edition goods for the event will be on sale as well. :D:D:D

That’s it for this week’s F.M.A! I hope you have enjoyed the post and do leave a comment if you have other interesting news to share too!

I shall leave you with a picture of Kirino lying on a lily pad.





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