F.M.A! Vol 2

Konbanwa! It’s a really hot day today in Singapore and I am craving for some Garigari Kun popsicles… *sweats*

ANYWAYS, here is vol. 2 of F.M.A!

Figures – Ban Presto Ichiban Kuji Monogatari Series ~ Kuji, Panaino!~

It seems like the IK Monogatari series will be putting their spotlight on Shinobu this time round, and I am guessing it is the start of many Shinobu goods to come as Kisemonogatari “slowly” makes it way into the theatres in Japan. \(^o^)/

Prize A:

IK shinobu

Prize C:

IK shinobu2

Prize D:

IK shinobu3

Shinobu is my favorite character in the monogatari series and I really can’t wait for the rest of the prizes to be revealed. The prize A prototype looks so awesome and I bet she is going to be really gorgeous when the colors are up. Each Kuji ticket cost 600Yen in Japan and would be available in autumn 2013. Gotta find out how I can get my hands on this set of Kuji!

Merchandises – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder


Hoho! Sailormoon fans rejoice! With Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary last year accompanied by the news of Sailor Moon’s anime remake, lot’s of merchandises and figures were being announced this year to mark the special occasion.


Frankly speaking this really caught me by surprise and what was more astonishing was when admin W (who is a super huge fan of Sailor Moon) told me she couldn’t even get a slot for Pre-order in Singapore! I too watched Sailor Moon when I was a young girl (Okay, who doesn’t?) and although I am not really into it, I am looking forward to the release of the Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder and I shall steal some of it from admin W to see if I can turn into Sailor Moon too :D!

Ai to seigi no sailor fuku Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon! Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!”

ASDFGHJKL! – One Piece SmartPhone App: One Piece Mojya!

YEAHHHHH!! Kudos to Bandai for releasing a new One Piece game app! But boo to region lock!!!! The mini games look really fun and I have heard that the app is free although there may be in app purchases for some of the games. The graphics are looking good in the video (hopefully it is on the phone as well) and the chibi character designs are oh so cute!!😄  YET…. WHY ONLY FOR JAPAN!? WHYYY!  I am so downloading this app the moment I set my foot in Narita Airport! Mugiwaras! WAIT FOR ME!!!

That’s it for this week’s F.M.A! Have a great week ahead and before I go,

see you guys next week!😀


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